By combining business and creative industry best practice, the Garibay Center works with executives as much as it would with top musicians to begin identifying the mission and purpose behind executive and brand leadership and paralleling these steps throughout the creative process. The Garibay Center formalizes this sequential process through interactive sessions over one- and two-day team retreats focused on formalized training around:



The Garibay Center thrives on the orthogonal connections of creative and corporate in designing opportunities for corporate development unlike any peer. For executives who wish to build on the momentum from Garibay Center retreats, the Center offers extended executive and team coaching to ensure long-term alignment and wellbeing.

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Being around Fernando and his team was inspiring. Hearing his words, insights, and way of thinking brought me to a place of calm and peace, but at the same time making me feel inspired to think deeper about what my true purpose in life may be.  I felt encouraged to think outside of the box, open to taking more risk, and hopeful for the future even though I don’t really know what that all entails. Fernando has a beautiful presence, and I was grateful to be part of the experience. Thank YOU for that!

– Jena Bond, Business Coordinator, Advocate Aurora Health

I went into the session thinking it would be a cool thing to do, but had no idea how immensely helpful the session with Fernando Garibay would be. It was easily one of my top 20 experiences in life. Fernando has a model of collaboration and agility that any organization would benefit from. Each song created is treated as a startup, and the techniques he and team apply are useful to any of us in the entrepreneurial / startup / Innovation ecosystem. I was blown away with what we were able to create in less than an hour. I didn’t believe there was such a level of science and business acumen to generate a hit song – I had believed it was art. I left wanting to have different segments of my organization to participate – Including our C-Suite team. You won’t regret making the time to attend a session.

– Ben Deboer, Director of Corporate Innovation, Jewelers Mutual Insurance